You’re Pretty!

To be truly happy in life, you must always believe in your creative side.

Creative Director | Philanthropic Heart

Michaela Rae is a freelance Creative Director based in the Midwest. She lives by these simple and honest words “work hard and be nice.”



The Volk Magazine Creative Director

The Volk is a Minnesota for-profit business with heart. We collaborate with local designers, photographers, models, journalists and artists, with the mission to change the stigma around mental health and spotlight contemporary fashion and beauty while raising money for local charities from our event & magazine profits.


Essence One, LLC Creative Director

Essence One is to help others restore a healthy life through the use of natural products and bring awareness to natural mental health therapies. At Essence One, we only use 100% natural ingredients in our products, so you can trust we are looking out for you!

bluntcuts-redlip-01M 2

Blunt Cuts Director

Her creative experience spans over a decade wearing many hats starting in photography and design. After leaving her corporate job for motherhood, Michaela focused her ambitious work ethic to encourage creativity. Her desire to normalize creative expression through thoughtful and authentic conversation has opened doors to be an ally for ambitious women in the Minnesota fashion industry.





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