Generations Past

I have lovely grandparents.  They are a couple of my best friends and I got to spend Thanksgiving with them.  My grandpa was recently diagnosed with cancer, you would never guess it though.  He looks great, feels great and is very strong.  They come from a strong working class with a strong work ethic.  They are beautiful inside and out and love their families dearly.  They made a great man out of my daddy.


One regret I can admit that I do have is not photographing my maternal grandparents more.  We lost them both to cancer a few years back.  I think about seeing them dwindle away from the chemo and wish I had documented there battle, their struggle and their life. I will not make that mistake again and I will also pray extra hard that I never have to see it again.

:These are the only ones I have before my grandpa passed in 2005.


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