rise above


A note to myself:

If every artist took criticism or doubt to heart, there would be no art.

Art is what you make of it and how you get the inspiration to do it is up to you.  If you find that one person’s idea is truly amazing, challenge yourself to try to meet it.  Strive to think quicker, express more and be humble.  You are not the best but your pretty great.  Meeting your own expectations and goals is worth more than money or fame.  You can take ideas but you can’t take soul.  Don’t set yourself for failure but if you fall, learn from it. Care about other artists and their talents, they are the ones that inspire.

If I had the talent I would paint, if I had the talent I would design, if I had the talent I would write.  Since I don’t I just wing it, I believe in myself and I just do.  Never look back and never doubt.

For me to find success in photography, I have to believe that I can do it.

Confidence.  Confidence.  Confidence.


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