Top Five before 30 hits!

My husband is a year older than me.  All of my friends are older than me.  Steve will turn 30 in January and all of our friends are starting to turn 30 this summer.  We’ve got a lot of parties come soon!  It got me thinking about my 20’s and what else I can do with my year and half left.  That then lead to a Top 5 list, Top 5 “things” I want to do yet in my 20’s.  I have thought long and hard about this.  Also I have thought long and hard about other Top 5 lists.  I will be sharing those too!

Top 5 to do before 30:

5. Visit the Pacific North West.  Oregon, Washington, Canada, oh my!

4. Take a road trip.  Longer than 4 hours with my husband and daughter, start making my bucket list.

3. Take a cooking class.  I will admit I am an ok to pretty good cook but I would like to learn something about cooking that I never knew.  Sushi?

2. Publish something.  Preferably a photograph of mine in any kind of publication.

1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.  Always wanted too, what’s stopping me?


Leave me some of your Top 5 items you would do or wish you would have done before 30.


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