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Olive | 7 months

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Seven months already!  I can’t believe it!  I think this is one of my favorite chalkboard months yet.  It took me two days to come up with it, I personally like #3.  I took this photo by myself too.  In the past I would have my husband stand guard so she wouldn’t roll off but this time I felt confident that we could do it with out him and we succeeded!  I had just finished the blanket shown in this picture too.  I have been taking a sewing class and this was my first project.  It’s made from scraps of our clothes, a pair of pajama pants from high school, a pair of plaid, wool pants from Abercrombie & Fitch I bought when I was a junior in high school, my fat pants (the first pair of jeans I bought after having Olive) and my husband’s dress shirt.  On the back I did a buttery yellow, super soft fabric.  I love it and so does she. You can also notice that Olive is wearing her pajamas, we have pajama Monday and these are just plain cute jammies!  I loved that she turned around in the chair to show me her kitty butt!!  So big and so funny and so smart!

IMG_8055 IMG_8174

IMG_8167 IMG_8131

I had her 7 month photos taken my my dear friend Anne at ALM Photography.  I wanted to do something different, I have been trying to take her photos for weeks now.  I’d get her into position but the second I’d put my camera up in front of my face she’d get distracted.  So it was nice to have someone else pushing the button.  Plus I love Anne’s studio!  The photo of Olive standing was a re-creation of a photo of me, we are wearing the same shoes in the photos.  My mom just told me though that I was 10 months in my photo not 6-8 months like I thought.

We are into month eight now and wowza, what a difference!  Teething is a nightmare!


I have been a terrible blogger this month.  I haven’t posted anything fun or new.  Huge slacker in that department.  I haven’t felt inspired about anything to write about… sad.  We are having a busy summer and I have been pretty busy with Photography.  On that note, I’ve been BUSY with Photography!  Yeah!  I really can’t frown at that.  I have shot three new clients that found me through Craigslist or Facebook.  It’s really exciting to have new faces to shoot and edit.  Every year I feel that I gain more and more and this year has truly proven that.  Not only more cliental but ideas and creativity.  Some days I am busting at the seems with it, I can’t wait to get a face in front of my lens.

With that follows the lack of energy with my home life.  I didn’t take Olive’s 5 month photos when I usually do, well past the milestone!  But hey I got them done, oh and did I mention I took it with my iphone instead.  Fail.  But she still looks so cute and she had fun so that’s all that matters.


I posted a few weeks ago that the Husband and I were starting an at home date night.  I was all excited because we were going to cook a meal together and eat a meal at the table, together!  Well that lasted all of one night.  We got busy with the construction of our backyard and I guess we forgot.  We did, however, so out on a date this past weekend.  It was our first date out since March.  We went to our first Podcast taping at the Varsity Theater.


It was nice to be together, doing something new and laughing our asses off!

This has by far been the most memorable summer.  Photography has been great, my marriage has had some get highs and my daughter amazes me everyday.  I am so thankful that I get to be home enjoying this precious time with her.  Taking her swimming for the first time, enjoying our walks, seeing her excitement at Story Hour, watching her do yoga moves and dressing her up in pretty summer clothes!  We share stories and cook together, I show her how to put on make up and how to fold laundry.  She teaches me to not be so serious and share our happiness with ones that deserve it. Also how to do a perfect Child’s pose in yoga.

swimming 4thofjuly

I may be slipping in some parts of my life but all in all I am on the right track of positivity, health and happiness.  I will be better, I promise.


Found this on Pinterest.  Had to have it!

midwest beauty

Over the weekend I visited my parents in my homeland, Iowa.  It was Miss O’s first visit to Iowa and her first long road trip.  We were only there for 48 hours but in that time we accomplished a lot, as always!  My ma and I found this deal of a chair for my prop collection.  It’s a very strange chair, it’s shorter than your average chair and the seat of it is very large.  You can tell it’s been loved and painted a couple different times, I love the story that old treasures have.  What you call trash, junk or old I call loved, treasures and memories.


I also scored a new quilt or I should say Miss O scored a sweet quilt for her future big girl bed.  I love the neutral colors with the POP of blue and purple.  Plus the pattern is very pleasing!

_MG_0159web _MG_0177web

My midwest beauty is growing like a weed.  Today she is modeling her first 6 month outfit.  It stats that she loves Daddy of the shirt, which is very true ❤  The pants are adorbs too, grey strips with a pink heart on her booty!  Little girl clothes are so fun!

She’s more alert now at 4 months old, holding her head up, talking back and belly laughing.  She has her daddy’s amazing sense of humor already and I can tell she’ll have an old soul.  Not a lot gets to her, she very lax with a warm heart.  It’s amazing when you can start to see the personality coming out of this tiny little human body.


My sweet little O has changed my life and I love that I can capture her milestones along the way.  Along with my own milestones: one year tobacco free today!