Putting it all together

It’s the wee hours of the night. The glow of my office light hitting the dark silence on my house, sweet banjo riffs spewing out of my speakers and I’m laid out on the floor with portraits, magazines, pinterest quotes and scissors. I am directing. 
Late night thoughts // the wind down
I am directing a life that provides a path of creativity and exploration.  I will never have the same schedule everyday, I will embrace change, I will lead as a role model for a younger generation of women,  I will create.
“Motivation and coffee have something in common, they both want more than what’s expected of them.”
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A sister from another mister.

After only two months of knowing her we flew to Cancun, Mexico.  It was her first time flying and her first time ever leaving the mid-west.  I felt very “adult like” when taking her through the steps of researching hotels, buying a plane ticket & navigating the airport.


Once we were finally there all those “adult like” intentions sailed away in the Mexico breeze.  I was 20 years of age with a wild spirited, blonde by my side. I was ready to have fun and let my hair down… we did just that and a little more 🙂

IMG_4392 IMG_4396


Her and I have traveled a few more times together in our 8 year friendship but Mexico will always be the most special.  I hope to some day revisit these places we’ve been together but for now our biggest adventure we are sharing is motherhood.


Pretty and Pregnant

As fast approach my due date in 2 weeks and 4 days, I am full of emotions!  Most days I am secure and excited, prepared and ready.  But other days I think to myself, slow down.  Let me enjoy these final days without Miss Olive.  

What I wouldn’t give for one more, “selfish” Michaela day of total luxury.  A Mani/Pedi, delicious lunch and cocktails with my girlfriends, shopping at my favorite stores for clothes that fit my “skinny” body, a bright sunny, warm day of fun and laughter and no cares in the world.

I know it sounds awful to some but be honest, everyone feels like they deserve a day like this no matter their responsibilities or their life expectations.  I know that someday in the near future I will get a day like this and I know I will love it even more because at the end of my luxurious, awesome day I will be coming home to my beautiful, little family.

I have had a few weeks of feeling pretty.  I found a new pair of maternity pants that allowed me to wear a size smaller than my other maternity pants, which really did make me feel “skinny.”  And my husband and I had a photo shoot with my dear friend Anne.  Here are a few of my favorites from that day: