We did a thing! || Gallery Opeing

My buddy, Yvonne and I collaborated a gallery opening to honor our beloved friend, Alyssa.  Alyssa and her unborn daughter, Sutton were taken to early on a cold December morning in 2014. I struggled thru grief and heartache and inside that sadness, Mother & Daughter was created. With encouragement from each other and our loved ones,                          Yvonne and I did it!

You’re Pretty!

Thank you WHCC & Perfect Posters for your generous sponsorship. Thank you Q.arma Building for your encouragement and the experience. Thank you Wild Acorn for seeing a vision and contributing your woodworking talents. Thank you to everyone that participated in the creation of Mother & Daughter, without you my story would have never been told. And thank you to all that attended, we are so humbled by the kindness and feedback from you all!


One bad mother.

I had my first Mother’s Day this year.  Steve, Olive & I went to breakfast at Jensen’s Cafe and then went to Como Zoo.  The weather was chilly but the sun with shining bright, it was a lovely day.


That evening I reflected on Mothers.

I thought about my own mother, my friends that are mothers and my grandmother.  I am technically the middle child, I have an older half brother and a younger sister, which lead to “mothering” at a very early age.  My sister never approved of my “mothering” and my friends always turned to me for my “mothering” advise.  At a young age I had mom friends, I knew more about sex, pregnancy, labor, delivery and newborns than I did about boy bands, trends and school subjects.  With that I decided at an early age that I wasn’t going to be a mom, I was going to the the world’s coolest “aunt” and travel the world.

Now that I am a mother, I can honestly say that there is no other job, title, or responsibility that I would want.  I am a women of many hats, I like lists, things must be organized and I must know what is planned for tomorrow, my little O has really helped straighten me out and realize that if I take a break and focus on today that I can be much happier.  Even when she’s demanding she is innocent, babies require attention that is unbearable at times and in all the sleepless nights and long days I love that little nugget more than words will ever express.

My biggest concern was the change that mom’s have to endure.  Your body changes, your hormones rage and you lose sight of your old life.  I thought after O was born some of those things would go back to normal, your body eventually bounces back to an old you, your hormones settle and equal out again but the sight of your old life is still gone.  My priorities are different, my expectations are different and my tolerance is different.  I never wanted O to change me I wanted her to become an extension of me. I believe at four months old that she has become cooler than I am!  I am becoming to realize that kids don’t change people, people change into parents because they choose too.  Great parents have great kids, great kids have parents that choose to put their kids lives before there own.

Finding balance of being a great parent and a great friend has been a struggle.  It’s something I still don’t have an answer to and an on going conversation with my husband.  As the weeks go by and the weather gets nicer it’s easier to see that we are getting a social life back.  I know it’s something I can’t control but I know that I can make the effort to see my friends and make time for them.

My life is complete, I can officially say that nothing is perfect but my life is pretty damn close!

This podcast defiantly helps me get through the day!  If your a Mother, you must listen to these awesome mothers!   http://www.maximumfun.org/shows/one-bad-mother