A breath of fresh air // City Walk

Winter walk to get inspired for a editorial shoot // grab your camera and walk off the tension // so much to see, hear and smell on Sunday morning in the Grand Minneapolis



Winter Wedding // #MaryxRyan

Winter weddings hold a special place in my heart. I was married in the winter. When the Groom (longtime friend) approached me to shoot their winter wedding at the same venue that I got married at, I could not say Yes! fast enough! The day was filled with love, laughter and a whole lot of nerd-erific decor, handmade by the Bride. Including her shoe details!! To see true love is what makes a wedding photographer’s job so easy, the love they have for each other filled the candle lit room. Their guests and families had bellies full of tacos and laughed with and at the newlyweds! I personally had a great time, being able to witness your friend commit his life to his perfect gal is life’s greatest gift! I am so happy they found each other!

Venue // Sweeney’s Saloon

Cupcakes // Uptown Girl Cupcakes & Desserts

Unity Stamp // made by the Bride

Bouquets // The Vintage Owl

Cake Topper //  Chick Design Boutique 

Groom’s Vintage Blazer // Bright Closet 

Wedding Dress // ModCloth


We did a thing! || Gallery Opeing

My buddy, Yvonne and I collaborated a gallery opening to honor our beloved friend, Alyssa.  Alyssa and her unborn daughter, Sutton were taken to early on a cold December morning in 2014. I struggled thru grief and heartache and inside that sadness, Mother & Daughter was created. With encouragement from each other and our loved ones,                          Yvonne and I did it!

You’re Pretty!

Thank you WHCC & Perfect Posters for your generous sponsorship. Thank you Q.arma Building for your encouragement and the experience. Thank you Wild Acorn for seeing a vision and contributing your woodworking talents. Thank you to everyone that participated in the creation of Mother & Daughter, without you my story would have never been told. And thank you to all that attended, we are so humbled by the kindness and feedback from you all!

Immersion Mag | Seed

Editorial : Immersion Magazine

Band : Seed

Art Director/Photographer : Michaela Rae

Fall Inspiration

Nothing like a well made vision board to get you in the mood // Pew Pew

Thank you Pinterest for always having what I need // ❤

Top Five before 30 hits!

My husband is a year older than me.  All of my friends are older than me.  Steve will turn 30 in January and all of our friends are starting to turn 30 this summer.  We’ve got a lot of parties come soon!  It got me thinking about my 20’s and what else I can do with my year and half left.  That then lead to a Top 5 list, Top 5 “things” I want to do yet in my 20’s.  I have thought long and hard about this.  Also I have thought long and hard about other Top 5 lists.  I will be sharing those too!

Top 5 to do before 30:

5. Visit the Pacific North West.  Oregon, Washington, Canada, oh my!

4. Take a road trip.  Longer than 4 hours with my husband and daughter, start making my bucket list.

3. Take a cooking class.  I will admit I am an ok to pretty good cook but I would like to learn something about cooking that I never knew.  Sushi?

2. Publish something.  Preferably a photograph of mine in any kind of publication.

1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.  Always wanted too, what’s stopping me?


Leave me some of your Top 5 items you would do or wish you would have done before 30.