Putting it all together

It’s the wee hours of the night. The glow of my office light hitting the dark silence on my house, sweet banjo riffs spewing out of my speakers and I’m laid out on the floor with portraits, magazines, pinterest quotes and scissors. I am directing. 
Late night thoughts // the wind down
I am directing a life that provides a path of creativity and exploration.  I will never have the same schedule everyday, I will embrace change, I will lead as a role model for a younger generation of women,  I will create.
“Motivation and coffee have something in common, they both want more than what’s expected of them.”
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Mother & Daughter Gallery

Michaela Rae presents ||  Mother & Daughter is a photographic series of women from the same genetic tree that celebrates familiar similarities and differences. This series will strive to illustrate each unique mother-daughter dynamic by capturing their interactions, emotions and relationships with each other.


Thursday, October 6, 2016 || 6:00-9:00

Q.arma Building || 1224 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis

Give Thanks for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!

This year I feel that I have a lot to be thankful for and I did a better job of letting people know I am thankful for them.  Healthy baby growing, happy marriage and wonderful friends and family.  I always try to think of new things that have come into my life that I never considered giving thanks for in previous years.  This year with my pregnancy it has been getting what I want and need when I want or need it. haha!

My wonderful husband did the “Jim Dear Moment” that I have always wanted a husband to do for me.  You know the scene, Lady and the Tramp when Jim Dear goes out into the snowy, night and fetches Darling a watermelon.  Mine wasn’t watermelon but it was sherbet and when he got home with enough sherbet to feed a small village I knew I had Jim Dear.

Giving thanks… what does that truly mean?  You say thank you all year long to your loved ones or to strangers.  It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day, why do we pick one day out of the year to truly be thankful for what our life is?  My goal with little Olive coming into the world is to make sure that she grows up being thankful everyday so at Thanksgiving she can just over eat and enjoy the Macy’s parade.

What family traditions do you have at Thanksgiving?

What are you making for your Thanksgiving dinner?  Here are the two recipes I am making:



I love traditions!  I can’t wait to have so many that we forget some some years!  I want Olive to be an adult and pass along crazy, fun things that her parents did with her to her kids and so on.  I don’t have any traditions in my family. And that is a tradition I want to put an end too.

I truly hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving, gives thanks for what’s important and remembers to be thankful all year round.  Karma Baby!

November is here!

I have never been this excited about November before!  Why you ask, well I am 7 months pregnant, Thanksgiving, my first shower and our friends are having a baby this month.  All get things!

Hitting the seventh month has been an up hill struggle.  It’s getting harder and harder to do specific things, bending, standing, sitting, sleeping, walking, shaving my legs, breathing.  Not awful though.  My baby Olive is a moving machine and growing like a weed!  12 more weeks until I can kiss her face.

Our first shower was on the 3rd.  It was a couple’s shower hosted by our amalzing friends D & L.  Get hosts, delicious food and friendly company.  Olive got some really nice things (all practical which I loved!) and it was great for Mr. and I to have our lovely friend all under one roof all to ourselves!

I just picked up the Thanksgiving issue of Racheal Ray Magazine and wow there is some pretty amazing recipes in there.  I might have to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner for me and Mr. just so I can make the Buttermilk Turkey.

Check it out: http://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipe/buttermilk-marinated-turkey-with-onion-gravy/

10 days until our friend’s baby is here, I can’t wait to get my hands on little Brandon G.  I just want to hold someone’s baby!

Michaela Rae Photography has submitted the last Holiday Card order for the season.  It was a great October of mini sessions and I plan to do them again in the spring.  Gotta keep those kiddos photos up to date!  I can not express enough gratitude to my clients that took advantage of the mini session special, the holiday card special and my Facebook fans that commented and liked it all along the way.  I love you guys!