Andrew & Caryn | Elope

My first Elopement & my first time professionally shooting Como Conservatory || both firsts were ones I will never forget! This venue is Ah-Mazing to photograph in and lets be real, eloping is Totally the way to go!

Surrounded by tropical plants, a mini heat wave on the coldest day of 2017, supported by the Bride & Groom’s immediate family gave this happy couple the marriage they always wanted  //  full gallery here 

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Winter Wedding // #MaryxRyan

Winter weddings hold a special place in my heart. I was married in the winter. When the Groom (longtime friend) approached me to shoot their winter wedding at the same venue that I got married at, I could not say Yes! fast enough! The day was filled with love, laughter and a whole lot of nerd-erific decor, handmade by the Bride. Including her shoe details!! To see true love is what makes a wedding photographer’s job so easy, the love they have for each other filled the candle lit room. Their guests and families had bellies full of tacos and laughed with and at the newlyweds! I personally had a great time, being able to witness your friend commit his life to his perfect gal is life’s greatest gift! I am so happy they found each other!

Venue // Sweeney’s Saloon

Cupcakes // Uptown Girl Cupcakes & Desserts

Unity Stamp // made by the Bride

Bouquets // The Vintage Owl

Cake Topper //  Chick Design Boutique 

Groom’s Vintage Blazer // Bright Closet 

Wedding Dress // ModCloth


Putting it all together

It’s the wee hours of the night. The glow of my office light hitting the dark silence on my house, sweet banjo riffs spewing out of my speakers and I’m laid out on the floor with portraits, magazines, pinterest quotes and scissors. I am directing. 
Late night thoughts // the wind down
I am directing a life that provides a path of creativity and exploration.  I will never have the same schedule everyday, I will embrace change, I will lead as a role model for a younger generation of women,  I will create.
“Motivation and coffee have something in common, they both want more than what’s expected of them.”
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Mother & Daughter Gallery

Michaela Rae presents ||  Mother & Daughter is a photographic series of women from the same genetic tree that celebrates familiar similarities and differences. This series will strive to illustrate each unique mother-daughter dynamic by capturing their interactions, emotions and relationships with each other.


Thursday, October 6, 2016 || 6:00-9:00

Q.arma Building || 1224 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis

Autumn’s Vintage | Shake Creative Media

Autumn’s Vintage   || Shake Creative Media ||  Reali Runway || Royal Krew

The Yotter Nuptials || Minnesota Summer Wedding

In 2008 I meet Tyler and Tisha. We all worked together and became pretty good friends. Tisha and I had a couple Ladies Nights out on the town, a lot of laughs and some great memories.  Tyler and I also had a couple good happy hours and a common 311 interest that sparked conversation. But it wasn’t until he became a manager of mine that I gained the utmost respect for him. His laid back groove was contagious and you couldn’t help feeling relaxed by his presence.

Their wedding day was an exact mix of them, laid back with tons of laughs and filled with memories. The Happy Gnome provided the space, everything from the neutral color scheme, beautiful bar, extensive beer list and delicious meal did not disappoint. Tyler’s mom provided the cheesecake for a little something sweet. Oh man, you haven’t had cheesecake until you get a slice of this! Visit her at The Rustic Cafe.

Saying how honored I feel to have been a part of this wedding is an understatement. Tyler & Tisha reminded me why I love a photograph so much. Marriage is such a commitment, it’s nice to have a frozen memory to remind you where the journey all started.

Bring out the best in each other always.



View their full gallery here.